Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reminiscing Rasta

Potipot Island is a white sand beach resort. Six-hours road trip from Manila to Candelaria. We spent two nights in a rental house in Candelaria. A distance of five-minutes boat ride to Potipot. We stayed the rest of the day in the island which only took us thirty-minutes to roam around the whole place.

It was summer of 2009 when I first went out of town with Rasta. They knew that I can’t go  with them without my kids. I can’t fully enjoy my vacation, thinking that I left my kids at home for three days. So they allowed me to take along my kids. Then they became a part of the team.

Everyone has our own assigned chores to do. We felt disappointed, when we dropped by to Iba market to buy meat for barbeque. We didn’t see any store selling fresh meat. We agreed to buy canned goods, instant noodles, veggies and fish. Our team leader is innovative to prepare us good food. There were only three groups of people when we first came to island. It’s nice to see underwater creature when we went snorkeling. Endless picture taking everywhere we go. Watching the boys playing Frisbee is so much fun! Everyone managed to unwind, relax and have fun!

2009 in Potipot, Zambales with Rasta