Monday, May 2, 2011

2nd Weekend Blog Follower Caravan:

I enjoyed blog hopping from the 1st WBFC. I have seen kikay themes from other entries. I noticed that most of us are newbie. Nearly everyone are member of PMC. I gained virtual friends through blogging. I am hesitant when my friend encouraged me to blog. As you could see, I don’t have the skill in writing and I have poor grammar. But now, it is becoming my everyday routine. If I cannot gather my thoughts, it’s better for me to just read other blogs and learn through reading. I admire tenured blogger, they have been doing it for years now. They already established an online career. I wish I could reach that point. 


Hazelicious929 said...

Hello. I am Hazel. Following you here. Mine is up - WBFC Entry

C5 said...

I'm sure you will as long as you don't quit. :)

Following through WBFC11 #14
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*josie* said...

hello mommy, already a follower :D. please follow back my new home, thanks! *hugs*

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STEF said...

I'm joining the fun! Here's mine. See you!

Pepper said...

Hi! started following you. am here from WBFC.

I need your help, by the way :). please vote for my blog Circle of Moms Top 25 Blogs on Single Parenting thanks :)

Joey said...

hi, this is raya but i am using my hubby's google acct .. :) followed you here..hope you would return the favor.. God bless!!

Anonymous said...

followed you here with my strawberry photo hehe

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Edsie said...

just followed! hope you could visit and follow my blogs too..
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vintage lover said...

following you now. hope you can follow back. see you around=)

cherry of really interesting projects said...

hi, visiting via WBFC and following via GFC. hope you can follow back.=) thanks

sHeNgKaY said...

Old follower na po mommy..
hope you can follow back mt baby's blog..
Visiting from WBFC#11..
My WBC .Have a nice day!
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January said...

Visited and followed you. Here’s my : WBFC # 11. Please follow my new blog too. thanks