Friday, April 29, 2011

News Blackout

It is commonly practice in media. Whenever there is a sensitive topic or controversial issue. News blackout is usually implemented to facilitate a careful investigation. Nobody should know about the matter. There is a restriction to those who doesn’t have a part to resolve the issue.

Can we also practice it in facebook? Since almost everyone is into fb, posting a wall status, could lead into a gossip. Your emotion became a feast to those who enjoy to talk about other people’s lives. I guess it depends on someone’s current situation. It happened to me once, when I witnessed a heartbreaking incident. I immediately posted a silly status on my wall. I was surprised, there were twenty plus comments on my post in just an hour. I felt stupid, I should have kept it to myself. I deleted my post because I am reluctant to let other people know my present situation.  I am grateful though, as I could see that there are people who displayed their sympathy. If group application on fb is accessible at that time, I should have selected my friends who could know my sentiments. friends who can understand, who doesn’t need an explanation, who will not add to pressure.

Do you enjoy being talked about? As a bystander, do you really care? Or you just want to dip in?

@The Nothebook: Life is too short to think about what others say or think about you. Have fun and give them something to think about.


sHeNgKaY said...

ako mommy as a bystander..hindi ako yung tipo na kapit bahay namin kahit magsuntukan na sila sa labas..i dont go out to watch them fight.. i find it cheap..hehehe..kanya kanyang trip lang siguro.. mas lalong ayokong mapag-usapan..pero hindi mo naman pwede sabihin na hoy..kayong makakating sila you shut up!..hahaha..kibit balikat na lang..