Monday, April 11, 2011

Crown of Glory

I received a message on facebook from a friend, asking me a favor to design a portion of their church. To my willingness to do something good, which I seldom do. Hehe. I set up a meeting with Ptra. Tess, she is  the church leader in The Crown of Glory in Mount Zion. I took photos and discussed about what concept she has in mind. The portion where I’m assigned to design is at the upper right side of the platform. There’s a water tank which serve as an eyesore to the congregation according to Ptra. They were thinking of a low cost budget and yet nice-looking design. I thought of plants, bamboo and whatever is available in their church. But I cannot execute them into drawing. I googled and searched for DIY designs in youtube. I presented photos and videos. They just spent minimal amount for the bamboo and pin lights. The plants and stones were available in their backyard.




jared's mum said...

wow sis, this is very cool, maybe you can add more of these type of posts, i definitely love it!you are one creative mommah!

jared's mum said...

by the way, i have a tag for you here
happy blogging ;)

Eunice said...

hi Donna! just seen your blog. very interesting entries. and good job on the church!