Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Like mother, like daughter

2nd Entry to Chic in Black:

Having Lois Lei as my only daughter fulfilled my dream as a mom. I've always wanted to have a daughter since I was young. When she was a little girl, I enjoyed combing and setting colorful pins on her hair and dressed her like a doll. I also bought her sassy shoes.

Time flies so fast, she's now eleven years old. She starts to set her own choice. I have mix emotion of fear and happiness whenever I watch her as she sleeps. I know there will come a time, when I need to let her go. Seeing her grow as a tough and smart girl, appease a mom's heart.

My daughter Lois Lei


roy francisco said...

wow, i cannot be more happier, on having two beautiful ladies on my life!
congrats mom! keep shining and love you both,,,

Kat @My Tots Exactly said...

You look like sisters! My little girl is just 2 but yes, I feel she's growing up too fast, too soon too. So for now, I enjoy every moment that she asks for a hug, or for a kiss, or when she thinks I can protect her from everything bad in this world. Sooner or later I know she'll do it alone but she will know I will always be here if she needs me.

Kat @My Tots Exactly said...

Oh... forgot to say, thanks for joining Chic In Black Monday! Have a blessed week!

C5 said...

It would be beneficial to teach her HOW to be independent...it will soon come...better be prepared :) so less worry for you :)

CIBM2 #3
C5 @ Under My Fingertips

cherry said...

i hate when that happens. my girl would always be my baby=)

mine is up:

Admin said...

Time flies really fast and if only we can freeze the time....but our kids has to grow and be on their own..My eldest is now 17 years old turning 18 this oct...and I tell you I cried a river when she told me that she already has a BF....Brace yourself sis...and be ready for those moments
Mine is up at Chic in Black #19

Tina said...

you too look like sisters.. :) I am excited for my little girl.. :)