Tuesday, April 12, 2011


1st entry to Chic In Black:

When I read Kat’s post in PMC about launching a Black Meme, it immediately caught my attention. I love black. My family and close friends can attest to that. Because I do not give them a hard time buying a gift. Whenever I go along with friends for shopping, they knew that I will be looking for black. It may be something for myself, appliances, or basically anything. I could easily settle on things I want.

Things inside my bag.


Kat @My Tots Exactly said...

I like black on almost anything too. Almost all my bags are black and things inside it like my mobile phone case, pouches, etc. are black too. I find it more convenient especially with a baby because they tend to color on them, drop them or put whatever on them, like powder. With black, you definitely can't go wrong.

Thanks for joining Chic In Black Monday. Looking forward to your entry next week!

 gmirage said...

Most of my stuff are black too, hindi pa nagdudumi agad ;)


Edsie said...

I love anything black too!! And my officemates know me too well to even "predict" what color i'm gonna wear at the office, because it's always black! Haha!!

Happy chic monday!! You can visit my entry too..
Chic in black monday

Gene said...

hindi obvious na love mo black, pati blog mo black ang color scheme, hahaha!

My Chic in Black Monday entry: black shoes.

Mommy Jes said...

yey another black lover...ako dn love ko dnblack pero nag e enjoy muna ko sa pink LOL ;)) combination nalg black n pink :D

nice! purse and all the stuff! thnks for dropping by! :S followed you ow hope you could follow me too!

Admin said...

Present! Another black lover here....You will usually see me wearing black kasi friendly sa mga love handles at bilbilins hehehheh

Mine is up at KCAT Can

May said...

I am more of a color girl but I love good black to spice things up from time to time. They really are chic! :)