Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pinay Mommies Community

PMC is a group of international Pinay bloggers. The administrator of our group is Ruby Ricafrente a.k.a. Yukishiro Tomoe (fb code name). Most of our members are pioneers and influencial personalities in blogging. They are of big help to aspiring bloggers like me. Blogging was introduced to me by Iris Mejia Acosta. Together with the mommies in PMC, they are generous to share their knowledge on how to earn money online and to enhance our skills in blogging. We can also tackle personal matters. If you were to group Filipinas, what can you expect? Everyone from our group is free to share our thoughts, advices, tips, almost everything. Of course, it should be in a friendly manner. I’m still shy to share mine. I have been a member of this group since January of this year. I am blessed and thankful to be part the group.

PMC Grand Eyeball was held last April 3, 2011 at Kamayan Restaurant. I finally met some of PMC members where I only get to see them on facebook. I’m looking forward for the next Grand EB on November. Pictures below will describe what took place in our meet up.

Tokens I received as remembrance. It feels like Christmas! Thanks everyone!


roy francisco said...

keep moving mom,, nice one,, love you!!!

nuts said...

i'm glad, I belong! :)

Admin said...

I am so happy that we have PMC - Moms helping one another.

BTW, I already included you in my blogroll, I hope that you can also add mine here

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