Thursday, March 31, 2011


Why can't we just have sex!? This could be a shallow thinking of an OFW wife like me. I feel sorry for my husband, coz I can’t do it in a webcam. I tried, but I really can’t. I’m being joked around for not having it for a looonnnnggg time. I just smiled at them and in my mind I should be thinking, “I can easily be like you. But you can’t be like me”.

My husband is opted to work abroad. Most Filipinos want to go abroad for greener pasture. Some of the reasons are for personal achievement, provision for their family and lack of bigger opportunities in our country. Some may succeed, some may not. For other OFWs, one to two contract renewal is not sufficient to attain their goal. A lot of sacrifices took place. My husband and I have gone thru a lot of tests. There were instances when I almost give up. I thank God for renewing my mind to the beauty of marriage. Until when can I survive? I don’t know, That’s why I keep on praying.

The statement “why can’t we just have sex” is from the movie “No Strings Attached”. This post is inspired by our church’s February Love, Marriage, Sex series.


Anonymous said...

Sex is a divine gift from God. The Bible teaches us, the right use of sex, and that it is strictly within the bounds of marriage. We can enjoy the pleasure without guilt when we do it according to God's plan and design.

Intimacy should develop in couples. It is tricky among couples when flesh becomes the main reason for sex instead of love. When is the foundation of your marriage everything else will follow, because God is in the midst of I Cor. 13

Joy said...

for the love of the family, we, most of the time have to sacrifice some things :)

am your newest follower from PMC :)

Josie said...

It is one of the sacrifices that couples opt to choose to provide good future for the family, nice meeting you Donna at PMC EB. :D