Monday, March 14, 2011

Acquiring Tourist Visa in Australia

Parramatta Melbourne

Opera House Sydney


Ballarat Begonia Festival

Harbour Town Shopping Centre Melbourne

I was able to acquire a Tourist Visa in Australia last February of 2010 and stayed there for almost a month. I visited this website and found out that I am  short of Evidence of Funds. Due to being persistent to witness my childhood friend’s wedding. I researched and called the Australian Embassy’s customer service for inquiries. I compiled all documents in a legal sized brown envelope. I called the embassy’s affiliated AIR21 courier hotline to pick up the documents and they returned back the result after 7 working days.

Here are the list of documents I submitted:
Manager’s check for processing fee
Completed 48R form
Wedding invitation and Letter of Invitation
Photocopies of letters and greeting cards I collected from my friend since 2001
Scanned pictures as proofs of our friendship since pre-school

Cerfiticate of Employment
Income Tax Return
Pay Slips
Approved Leave from my Senior Manager

Letter of Assurance from my aunt who will give me financial support in case of need during my stay.
My aunt’s Identification Cards
Bank Certificate of my aunt’s dollar and peso account
Photocopies of my credit card and cirrus ATM card

My eldest son’s school documents as a proof that he’s a fourth-year high-school student. This served as confirmation that I will return back to the Philippines for my son’s graduation day.


jared's mum said...

wow, nice jaunt in australia...btw am your newest follower..welcome to the wonderful world of blogging..see you around^^

roy francisco said...

proud of you mom!!!
keep it up!!!