Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Father and Daughter

Papa & me
Papa & my sister Sarah

I hope you’ll enjoy reading a not so ordinary father and daughter camaraderie.

I grew up listening to Beatles music. It was my lullabye , papa plays it on a turntable. I’m not used to playing dolls. But instead, papa would buy us boys stuffs. He’s not a typical father. I remember, I used to help him packed and rolled grass. I’m good at it at the age of 6. I consider it as a bonding time with my papa then. I enjoyed doing it though. Haha!

He usually received 2 to 3 sacks of grass every delivery. Big time P! We used to dry the blocks of grass in a willowing basket in our roof deck. We weighed 10grams of grass in a small weighing scale and packed in a 2x3 inches plastic bag. Then burn the edge of the plastic bag using a candle to enclose it. We separate the seeds from the grass and then roll some of it in a cigar paper for his personal use.

I might be suggesting negative thoughts about my father. But no, he never taught nor even offered me to smoke grass. Except when I was rushed to the hospital after I accidentally ate a slice of grass cake when I was 4. According to papa, he baked 2 pans of chocolate cakes. One for his friends which has grass sprinkled on top and the safe choco cake is for us kids.

My papa’s name is Levi Araullo Espiritu. Born January 2, 1946. He died at the age of 53 last November 15, 1999. He suffered from a stroke and slipped into coma without regaining consciousness. He’s a genuine hippy. He has a BMW motorbike. Imagine him wearing a black-leather jacket, colorful beads necklace which he needed to touch to come back to reality, circular light-blue eyeglasses like the one wore by John Lennon and he has long hair down to his waist. That's how he looked in 60’s fad. Groovy!

I admire my mama for not giving up on him. I’m very thankful for my late grandmother who used to include my papa’s whole name in her prayer. God changed his life without any hassle. Papa just made a covenant with the Lord that he can’t stop smoking grass on his own. Then miraculously one day he  realized to let things happen as they may, to let go and let God. A dose that made him fly back to God. 

Papa & Aimee


sassy said...

shared this link! good job

Divine Grace said...

how sweet .. :)

Alonzo said...

Is that Apl de ap!?! cool!!

Romero said...

Nothing is impossible!

Romero said...

I can never forget.... Papa Levi gave me a pair of leather boots he use to wear back then....We missed you Papa Levi...--Romero