Friday, April 29, 2011

News Blackout

It is commonly practice in media. Whenever there is a sensitive topic or controversial issue. News blackout is usually implemented to facilitate a careful investigation. Nobody should know about the matter. There is a restriction to those who doesn’t have a part to resolve the issue.

Can we also practice it in facebook? Since almost everyone is into fb, posting a wall status, could lead into a gossip. Your emotion became a feast to those who enjoy to talk about other people’s lives. I guess it depends on someone’s current situation. It happened to me once, when I witnessed a heartbreaking incident. I immediately posted a silly status on my wall. I was surprised, there were twenty plus comments on my post in just an hour. I felt stupid, I should have kept it to myself. I deleted my post because I am reluctant to let other people know my present situation.  I am grateful though, as I could see that there are people who displayed their sympathy. If group application on fb is accessible at that time, I should have selected my friends who could know my sentiments. friends who can understand, who doesn’t need an explanation, who will not add to pressure.

Do you enjoy being talked about? As a bystander, do you really care? Or you just want to dip in?

@The Nothebook: Life is too short to think about what others say or think about you. Have fun and give them something to think about.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan

It is my first time to join WBFC. Reading the invite in OnlineBiz and Resources. It shows how bloggers come up together to help each other. These are people who enjoy what they are doing. Seeing a comment in a post makes a blogger joyful, knowing that someone dropped by to read and leave a comment. Blogging is like our public diary. People who take time to open our site, gets to know the person behind the blog. In blogging, we can't set bounderies between rich and poor, men and women, young and old a like. As a newbie, I need to read more to learn more. I looked through an article states that, we can  consider blogging as internet revolution. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011


4th entry to Girl Talk:

I’m not into latest gadgets. Again, I can’t spend beyond my limit. I am using a regular mobile phone, I had it for three years now. I won a bid on ebay for my digicam, I got it almost half the price. If given a chance, I would love to have an Ipad. Because it’s slim and light weight, I can bring it in any wi-fi zone area.

For the specs, 16GB memory is enough, 10hrs of battery usage, free download of its own Mac OS v10.5. It is also compatible with the latest windows operating system, it has a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, front and back camera and free music and video downloads in iTunes.

Jeans and Shirt

3rd Entry to Girl Talk

In clothing, I prefer a simple jeans and shirt.  Given that we have a tropical weather here in the Philippines, I can wear them all year round. I’m not a brand conscious, nah… it’s just an excuse. The truth is, I can’t afford to buy clothing beyond my limited budget. During our dress-up days in the office, they can only see me wearing slacks and collared tops. I wear Capri pants and simple blouse in special occasions. I don’t feel comfortable wearing dress or skirt nor a girly tops. Or maybe I just don’t take time to look for a dress that look good on me.  I always go for a classic comfy clothing. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Like mother, like daughter

2nd Entry to Chic in Black:

Having Lois Lei as my only daughter fulfilled my dream as a mom. I've always wanted to have a daughter since I was young. When she was a little girl, I enjoyed combing and setting colorful pins on her hair and dressed her like a doll. I also bought her sassy shoes.

Time flies so fast, she's now eleven years old. She starts to set her own choice. I have mix emotion of fear and happiness whenever I watch her as she sleeps. I know there will come a time, when I need to let her go. Seeing her grow as a tough and smart girl, appease a mom's heart.

My daughter Lois Lei

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Channing Tatum

2nd entry to Girl Talk:

He captured my heart in the movie Dear John. I've seen him in Fighting, G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Step Up. I like his built, his height, his manly look, the way he smiles, his voice…  hay…  lucky you Jenna Dewan.

Blueberry Cheese Cake

1st entry to Girls Talk:

Who would not like a Blueberry cheese cake?
I am craving for it whenever I’m not feeling well or stressed. In just a slice, it satisfies my craving.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


1st entry to Chic In Black:

When I read Kat’s post in PMC about launching a Black Meme, it immediately caught my attention. I love black. My family and close friends can attest to that. Because I do not give them a hard time buying a gift. Whenever I go along with friends for shopping, they knew that I will be looking for black. It may be something for myself, appliances, or basically anything. I could easily settle on things I want.

Things inside my bag.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Crown of Glory

I received a message on facebook from a friend, asking me a favor to design a portion of their church. To my willingness to do something good, which I seldom do. Hehe. I set up a meeting with Ptra. Tess, she is  the church leader in The Crown of Glory in Mount Zion. I took photos and discussed about what concept she has in mind. The portion where I’m assigned to design is at the upper right side of the platform. There’s a water tank which serve as an eyesore to the congregation according to Ptra. They were thinking of a low cost budget and yet nice-looking design. I thought of plants, bamboo and whatever is available in their church. But I cannot execute them into drawing. I googled and searched for DIY designs in youtube. I presented photos and videos. They just spent minimal amount for the bamboo and pin lights. The plants and stones were available in their backyard.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pinay Mommies Community

PMC is a group of international Pinay bloggers. The administrator of our group is Ruby Ricafrente a.k.a. Yukishiro Tomoe (fb code name). Most of our members are pioneers and influencial personalities in blogging. They are of big help to aspiring bloggers like me. Blogging was introduced to me by Iris Mejia Acosta. Together with the mommies in PMC, they are generous to share their knowledge on how to earn money online and to enhance our skills in blogging. We can also tackle personal matters. If you were to group Filipinas, what can you expect? Everyone from our group is free to share our thoughts, advices, tips, almost everything. Of course, it should be in a friendly manner. I’m still shy to share mine. I have been a member of this group since January of this year. I am blessed and thankful to be part the group.

PMC Grand Eyeball was held last April 3, 2011 at Kamayan Restaurant. I finally met some of PMC members where I only get to see them on facebook. I’m looking forward for the next Grand EB on November. Pictures below will describe what took place in our meet up.

Tokens I received as remembrance. It feels like Christmas! Thanks everyone!